Personal Injury

What does full coverage really mean?

20 September 2012

money on calculatorIn a word nothing. Don’t go to your auto agent and ask for full coverage, please. Auto insurance is not a commodity. Buy the cheapest gas, the cheapest couch you can find. Sit down with your insurance agent and get as good a policy as you can reasonably afford. You must have $25,000 liability coverage by law in the State of Kentucky. Have you seen any hospital bills lately? One of my clients was sent a bill from air care for $15,000 for the ride to the hospital! They called her house and demanded to know how they were going to be paid before my client was released from the hospital.  (more…)

FAQs About Kentucky Auto Insurance Coverage

7 August 2012

When I talk to new injury clients I ask them to bring their insurance policies, so I can talk to them about potential coverage. They often tell me “no problem, I have full coverage”.  Usually though, they don’t really know what that means.  Here are some of the common questions I get when I review the coverage in their policies.   (more…)

Selecting a Personal Injury Attorney

5 August 2010

It is very important to select an attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured. (more…)