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What is a hung jury and what exactly does it mean?

28 September 2012

ChessI just tried a felony case here in Northern Kentucky this week that resulted in a mistrial because the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict. This is referred to as a hung jury. My client leaned over to me and asked,” So exactly what does that mean?” (more…)

What does full coverage really mean?

20 September 2012

money on calculatorIn a word nothing. Don’t go to your auto agent and ask for full coverage, please. Auto insurance is not a commodity. Buy the cheapest gas, the cheapest couch you can find. Sit down with your insurance agent and get as good a policy as you can reasonably afford. You must have $25,000 liability coverage by law in the State of Kentucky. Have you seen any hospital bills lately? One of my clients was sent a bill from air care for $15,000 for the ride to the hospital! They called her house and demanded to know how they were going to be paid before my client was released from the hospital.  (more…)

Falling Behind on Your Mortgage?

31 August 2012

houseThere is little scarier than realizing you can’t make your mortgage payment. You can’t turn on the news or pick up a paper without hearing horror stories about the mortgage crisis. You worry about becoming another statistic, a casualty of the recession. Don’t panic yet. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I see this all the time and in most cases, you can find a way to recover before your home is in danger. (more…)

More Questions I Am Often Asked About Auto Accident Claims

31 August 2012

car crashI have had several clients tell me that they don’t want to sue anyone, they just want fair compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies love to hear that. They will tell the injured party that they don’t need an attorney to settle their claim. They are correct, but what they aren’t telling you is that you won’t get what your claim is really worth. (more…)

FAQs About Kentucky Auto Insurance Coverage

7 August 2012

When I talk to new injury clients I ask them to bring their insurance policies, so I can talk to them about potential coverage. They often tell me “no problem, I have full coverage”.  Usually though, they don’t really know what that means.  Here are some of the common questions I get when I review the coverage in their policies.   (more…)

Starting My Northern Kentucky Legal Career, Part 2

29 June 2012

How a Good Lawyer Makes a Difference at Trial

A good lawyer also has to size up his/her client and the witnesses for both sides. Will your  witnesses sell to the jury? Are they believable? Are they consistent with each other and your client’s version of the facts? (more…)

Dangerous AA Highway

7 June 2012

In my practice I have seen an increase of clients coming in and calling in with citations or arrests that have originated from traveling on the  AA highway (US 9).   The AA highway goes from Wilder to I64 and other cities in Northeastern Kentucky.  It is a lovely drive on a nice day, but deceptively dangerous.  (more…)

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Under Kentucky Law

4 October 2010

Kentucky has had a no-fault law since 1974. It applies to motor vehicles that ply the roads of Kentucky. Part of the heart of no-fault is personal injury protection, called PIP.

DUI- Blue Light Special part 2

7 September 2010

Lets assume that you have been placed under arrest and transported to a jail or police station and offered the opportunity to blow in a breathalyzer machine. (more…)

I’ve Been Sued! Now What?

2 September 2010

Few things are quite as upsetting as a knock on the door from a person in uniform.  Even when it’s a lawsuit and not an arrest warrant, it can feel like they’re coming to take you away, like the end of the world as you know it.  (more…)

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