Criminal Defense

What is a hung jury and what exactly does it mean?

28 September 2012

ChessI just tried a felony case here in Northern Kentucky this week that resulted in a mistrial because the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict. This is referred to as a hung jury. My client leaned over to me and asked,” So exactly what does that mean?” (more…)

Starting My Northern Kentucky Legal Career, Part 3: The Verdict

20 July 2012

The verdict was returned in about an hour, the silence was palpable.  (more…)

Starting My Northern Kentucky Legal Career, Part 2

29 June 2012

How a Good Lawyer Makes a Difference at Trial

A good lawyer also has to size up his/her client and the witnesses for both sides. Will your  witnesses sell to the jury? Are they believable? Are they consistent with each other and your client’s version of the facts? (more…)

DUI- Blue Light Special part 2

7 September 2010

Lets assume that you have been placed under arrest and transported to a jail or police station and offered the opportunity to blow in a breathalyzer machine. (more…)

DUI–The Blue Light Special You Don’t Want

11 August 2010

I am often asked the question, “What do I do when I am pulled over?” (more…)