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FAQs About Kentucky Auto Insurance Coverage

7 August 2012

When I talk to new injury clients I ask them to bring their insurance policies, so I can talk to them about potential coverage. They often tell me “no problem, I have full coverage”.  Usually though, they don’t really know what that means.  Here are some of the common questions I get when I review the coverage in their policies.  insurance contract

What does it mean to have full coverage insurance?

The only difference between liability vs. “full” or comprehensive coverage is whether your insurance covers damage to your vehicle in the event that you are at fault.  It has nothing to do with an injury claim.

Doesn’t the at fault driver have to pay my medical bills?

The short answer is eventually yes, but for now your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage pays. This coverage is critical to Kentucky’s  no fault law.  PIP does not go against your insurance coverage as a claim against your coverage would.

Does my Kentucky no fault insurance follow me outside of  Kentucky?

Yes, always call your insurance to report any accident that you or any member of your family is involved in. Always go to the emergency room if you are hurt in an auto accident,You will get quicker service in the hospital and your PIP coverage will pay the bill. Always follow up with your personal physician as soon as you can to find out the extent of your injuries and to monitor your treatment. I have been told by insurance company paid doctors that if you don’t go to the emergency room right away you have not suffered a serious injury and you have a strain or sprain that will most likely heal within six months at the most! We know this is not true but juries may believe it.

Do I have no-fault coverage if I am from another state that doesn’t have it if I am involved in an accident in Kentucky?

The answer is yes if your auto insurance is with a company that does business in Kentucky. If you are from another state and are injured here call an experenced  Kentucky lawyer. I have had an out of state lawyer try to settle his own case who never applied for PIP coverage. I submitted his claim and his insurance paid all his bills. Don’t rely on what your insurance company tells you about coverage in Kentucky. They are probably not licensed to adjust claims in Kentucky.

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