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Selecting a Personal Injury Attorney

5 August 2010

It is very important to select an attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured. You may be in pain and dealing with insurance companies to replace or to fix your car and trying to see a doctor and arrange to take off work and get sick pay or short term disability pay started. What is the first thing you should be doing? You need to contact an attorney as soon as you are physically able to. Your attorney will make sure your medical bills are being paid by the proper entity, help you to fill out the application for your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits in Kentucky, advise you regarding medical treatment and many other things.  I have seen many clients who believe they can settle their own case or who may put off the task of calling an attorney until their treatment is finished or they have exhausted their PIP coverage and they have never seen a specialist and are still in pain and have no money or insurance to pay for further treatment.  Insurance companies carefully look at the records from your treatment after an accident for anything that they can use to justify offering you as little money as possible. An experienced, qualified attorney will work with you from the beginning of your case to make sure you get the most value that your claim is worth.

Now that I hope I have convinced you that you need an attorney from the beginning of your claim, there is still one problem. Who should should I call? Where do I look for advice? Phone book? TV? Newspaper? Actually none of the above. Recommendation from friends and family are good sources for locating a PI (personal injury) attorney. If no family or friend has used a PI lawyer, use the internet to check out  websites in your area and review their content carefully and then call the ones that fit the following qualifications; the firms should be small, experienced, convenient,  local and client friendly. Make a list of the top two or three that impress you and make a call.  Did you get through to a lawyer or did you get a prompt call back? Was his or her name part of the firm name? Did he or she briefly review the facts of your accident? Were you offered an appointment with that lawyer in the next couple of days? Select the best one and go to their office and see if you like that attorney, ask about his or her experience, have they tried many cases? What will you be expected to pay for the expenses of the lawsuit? Ask whether the attorney you are talking to will be handling your case or some junior member of the firm or worse yet a case manager (a non lawyer who has been trained to prepare the case for the lawyer). If you hire a lawyer who has many years of experience, who will personally handle your claim and take your phone calls and advise you during your entire case, congratulations, you have chosen the right lawyer.

General Legal Topics, Personal Injury